Write 5 pages thesis on the topic biliteracy autobiography.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic biliteracy autobiography. I had already dressed myself up and was eagerly waiting for them to wake up. She prepared our breakfast, and I set out for my first day of kindergarten. The kind teachers at the school embarked on the tedious endeavor of teaching us how to speak and write in English and Arabic.

We gradually learnt how to speak in English as we continued to advance our Arabic Language skills simultaneously. However, Arabic was not as difficult as English, and we used to do a lot of code-switching by using Arabic words in most of our sentences. Insuring et al. (2009) note that code-switching typically occurs when an individual alternate between two or more languages all within the course of a given conversation. I would always practice my English language skills with my elder sister as my brother would still break out into roaring laughter when phonological or orthographical interference from my first language caused me to pronounce words differently or incorrectly spell some words involuntarily. Harris (1992) points out that language interference is seen to occur when one language interferes with how you pronounce or write another language. Although my elder sister used to help in correcting me when I made any errors, It, however, operate to amuse her much. She would smile kindly when I invented new English words that were neither English nor Arabic. she would tussle up my hair and teach me the correct word to use. Hoffmann (2014), points out that it is quite common for bilingual children to come up with new idiosyncratic linguistic creations. Over the years, my language skills continued to improve, and by the time I was in high school, I was quite proficient in the English language.

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic biliteracy autobiography.
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As I was learning the languages, used to use both Arabic and English every single day as I had a large number of friends who enjoyed speaking in Arabic and English. Wherever I happened to have conversations with my parents or some of their older friends, they always insisted that I address them in Arabic. However, most of them were conversant with the English language and could speak it very fluently. However, some of my friends enjoyed using the English language and always addressed me in English despite my efforts to try and address them in Arabic.

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