Write 4 pages thesis on the topic leading change at corus. 91).

Implementing change sometimes require a sense of urgency. Of immense importance is to understand change, drivers and barriers of change and identify strategies and initiatives geared towards leading change effectively. This study explores and examines changes that have occurred at Corus, how the company has managed them, barriers that have been faced concerning change and reasons for the changes. Tata Steel Group is the world’s sixth largest producer of steel. Corus forms part of the group in Europe being the second largest producer of steel in Europe with approximately £12 billion annual revenue. Corus produces over 20 million tons annually in U.K. and Netherlands.

The company has a global network of service centers and sales offices employing about 42000 staffs across globe (Corus, 2010). Corus has been a leader in supplying steel to various markets across the globe. Long Products Business is Corus’ business unit that manufactures steel in France, Scotland and England. The three units produce various steel products that range from wire rod to the steel plate to steel rail. Key markets for the Long Products Business include engineering, construction, mining, machinery, earthmoving equipment, fastening, rail and ship building.

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic leading change at corus. 91).
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Continuous improvement gives business a competitive advantage enabling it to stick ahead of its competitors and also increase market share. Good use of experience and skills enables organizations to enhance better products and processes. In the context of Corus, the company uses continuous improvement to drive new and innovative products development and meet customers’ needs (Corus, 2010). Continuous improvement practices have enabled Corus to solve problems that face its steel works and win significant contracts.

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