Write 3 pages with APA style on History and Evolution of Health Care Economics.

Write 3 pages with APA style on History and Evolution of Health Care Economics. Formation of these institutions has struck the government’s interest hence leading to regulation and control of the facilities. This has lead to growth of businesses such as insurance which benefit largely from health care facilities (Dranove, 2009). Managed care has also been implemented which has resulted to people having easy access to health care. Services such as Medicare have also seen to it that there is easy access to healthcare considering the fact that it has become really costly nowadays to access health care (Dranove, 2003). Dating to early 1900s, many did not see the need for insurance policies in health which rapidly changed as the population grew. In recent days, insurance has helped people who have incurred large bills to pay their bills and this is one of the major changes in health care that can be seen over the decades. This has been so because medical costs have recently been on the all time high and most people do not have enough funds to get the best medical care. Evolution of health care economics has reduced the risks involved during attention of patients, for example, during the early days those who were considered professionals such as midwives helped their patients at home with little or no care which increased the risk of both the baby and the mother. Serious diseases were not treated effectively because of norms and beliefs which lead to death due to pain. The government has built more facilities such as hospitals, which are equipped with qualified personnel and resources to help in attendance of patients lowering the risks involved. Improvement of equipments has been helpful in making sure that contraction of diseases between patients is avoided. In the early days, some complications such as a patient being in a coma were considered fatal or hard to treat but with the help of a life support machines, the rate of deaths of those badly injured has reduced in a big way. Invention of vaccines has helped spread and also prevent spread of diseases such as polio, chicken pox (Dranove, 2009). In the early days, barrenness was considered as incurable but due to technology, services such as tube fertilization has helped many. Compared to the early days where medicines were direct from either trees or herbs and were administered to a patient without proper caution, evolution in the health sector has brought better and easy to administer drugs as a result of technology. The trees and herbs used to create medicines have been improvised to introduce tablets, syrups and other forms of medicine. This makes it easier to identify and administer. Medicines are also easily transported hence are available in bulk in different health centers easing the work done by the health professionals. The use of internet by doctors to diagnose their patients online has helped reduce the population in the centers and also made easier to identify specific diseases with the help of x-rays and scanning machines. This has increased efficiency in service delivery. Formation of doctors’ union has also helped in improvement health facilities and inventions, for example, in 1900s the American Medical Associations brought in more doctors.

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Write 3 pages with APA style on History and Evolution of Health Care Economics.
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