Write 3 pages thesis on the topic orthopedics & primary care

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic orthopedics & primary care. . Primary Care Physician Primary care physician would be responsible for making the necessary diagnosis for all clinical signs which may include psychological and physical as well as looking at medical information and requesting for new medical tests to be done if necessary. As stated by Shilon et al (2012), teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are at high risk for injury than their normal counterparts hence this risk must be prevented especially during Primary care by accurate diagnosing and treating the ADHD symptoms and other complications arising from surgery. It is important to note that Daniel has undergone a medium surgical procedure thus there is possibility of complications arising from the fracture after surgery. The possible and common complications that the primary care physician will be looking at could be: further infection, Pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, blood clots and, vein thrombosis and any other complication. Primary care physician will also be instituting new medications for pain relieving if necessary or recommending on none drug approaches to relieving pain such as acupuncture and hypnosis. Since infection has occurred and Daniel is under treatment and antibiotic use, Primary physician would be revisiting medications regularly especially the efficacy of the home IV antibiotics and if necessary suggesting new medication trials, changes or recommending for stopping medications that is not effective in treatment (Halter et al, 2013). While working closely with Orthopedics together with other members of the team, primary care Physician would be generating reports regularly with the best treatments during the program. He or she will also work closely with Pharmacist for the home IV antibiotics in order to effectively and efficiently coordinate changes in medications. Generally, Primary care physician would be seeing Daniel throughout the program in order to manage any medical condition that arises especially out of his ADHD condition. Orthopedics for leg care Orthopedics will play key role in facilitating quick and proper recovery of Daniel’s fractured leg. An orthopedics visits or Daniel’s visit to the Orthopedic is therefore important even after discharge from the hospital. This is because they would want to see how well Daniel is recovering from the leg injury and the success of surgery. After repair of the leg injury, Orthopedics guides all the preceding treatments and complications that may arise after discharge in collaboration with pharmacist, physicians, therapists and other team members in the program. The main role of Orthopedics for leg care is to ensure that Daniel’s leg fracture segment properly returns to the highest possible function when it heals. Orthopedics will ensure Daniel is discharged with appropriate and efficient immobilization technique necessary not only for the healing of the fractured leg, but also to provide a functional aftercare. This is important in maintaining the reduction of the fracture thus orthopedics will also ensure Daniel’s leg heal in a proper direction.

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Write 3 pages thesis on the topic orthopedics & primary care
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