Write 2 pages thesis on the topic a single core strategy.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic a single core strategy. A good marketing manager tries to achieve his objectives and tries to fulfill his role by setting up goals that are smart, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. In order to fulfill or achieve his targets, a good marketing manager leads his subordinates and organization towards meeting these objectives. In a diversified organization like General Motors, a marketing manager can look at the overall objective of the business, and then based on this objective he can set up the strategies or goals of various different products or SBUs within a business. Only when these objectives are in line with the mission or vision of a business, a business like General Motors can achieve success by meeting their targets.

The marketers can provide certain very useful information on the basis of planning. They can provide sales data of a product, consumer reactions to the product, changes in consumer tastes, impact of competition in the market, and how to make sure that the product remains successful in the market. Only if they have well-defined plans they can hedge volatility in the markets and can take large and diversified companies towards success.

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic a single core strategy.
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SBU strategy or business-level strategy can acquaint a firm with the market environment and make policies that are best suited for a business like General Motors. This way they can avoid being overshadowed by the competitors marketing strategies. They can also maintain competitiveness in the market in terms of cost leadership and differentiation if they plan ahead of the competition. Business-Level Strategy also makes sure that the overall mission and vision of the company remain at the center of all business-level strategies and the firm continues to work to achieve its main target. Business-Level Strategy also helps Separate Business Units to focus on their competencies. For example, a department in the General Motors who produce cheap cars through cost leadership can maintain its competitive advantage by focusing on cost, whereas another department that produces luxury cars can focus on differentiation. This helps various departments in an organization to focus well on their competencies and that focus remains there and is not lost if a firm goes for a single policy or strategy to be levied on all SBUs within a firm. It also helps marketing managers of different SBUs to work according to their own style rather than being ruled by a single-core strategy and hence the outcome of this is the more efficient and better decision-making process.

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