Write 19 pages thesis on the topic criminal justice ethics policy/ program.

Write 19 pages thesis on the topic criminal justice ethics policy/ program. It is the responsibility of the officers to know the policies and ensure that they responsibly follow all these policies without discrimination. This paper is a critical analysis of ethical laws that defines the way that recruited officers to the state shall behave themselves to ensure that they do not behave contrary to their expectation. Divided into two parts, the first part is a definition of the ethics that are set and how applicable they are to the officers whether on duty or not. The second part of the paper is a clear view of all the ethical laws divided into three parts. The first part consists of the principles which define the expectations from the officers. The second part consist of the rational explaining how these laws are to be effective and how applicable they are. The first part of the paper is therefore a broad definition of the second part. What are some of the policy that can be given to new municipal council officers and how can the policies be used to direct the officers in the right direction? Background A municipal law enforcement agency has recruited 250 sworn officers and 100 civilian personnel. As a result of this, the officers need to have a justice ethics policy to guide them all through their work as they perform their duties. Since the officers are newly recruited, the policies have to be clear so as to void any confusion that might be caused in their line of duty. The policy is divided into four principles that group four fundamental principles that the officers have to obey in order to perform their duties effectively as well as help them gain maximum public confidence. The rules that appear under each principle are a clear definition of terms that the officers have to adhere with in order to effectively fulfill the objectives of each principle. Any officer who knowingly or unknowingly disobeys any of these set rules shall have to face maximum disciplinary actions that can be faced based on the actions that they have taken. It is also important for the person to know that ignorance shall not be tolerated and each and every officer has to ensure that they completely read and understand these rules. Support for each entry section The first principle states that “Officers have to conduct themselves with respect to the constitution of the country, the constitution of the state, and any other laws that are applicable to them whether on duty or not.” This principle defines that every officer whether on duty or not has to behave themselves in a principled manner. This does not however limit the behavior of the officer to personal activities that they might carry outside their duty such as exercise. The officer has to understand well what is considered to be good behavior and what is not. This is necessary to ensure that the officer does not have a ground to defend themselves against any accusations made. However, it is relevant to always have in mind that anything that is contrary to good manners and good behavior is always contrary to the law and so the officers should not take advantage of undefined behaviors to defend themselves. The rational of this principle is that all officers have to understand the laws of the country as well as those laws of the state to ensure that whatever they do is within the law and not outside the law (Bayens, 2011).

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Write 19 pages thesis on the topic criminal justice ethics policy/ program.
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