Write 16 pages with APA style on Models, methods and skills.

Write 16 pages with APA style on Models, methods and skills. This has been one for the primary focus of the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) in the creation of The National Occupational Standards for Social Work in 2003. In their evaluation, for programs to serve their purpose, they have to be able to follow closely the people they are designed fro considering their needs and backgrounds (Lothian, 2001). These programs are not just part of social care and development but also are an important indication of how society values its citizens.

The Elders Team received a phone call from M requesting Time Out services for her mother so that M can herself go out because someone can be with mother Mrs. Z. In response to the request, a background history obtained from daughter on the phone. A schedule for a home visitation was scheduled to complete assessment and determine service plan for Mrs. Z.

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Write 16 pages with APA style on Models, methods and skills.
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Mrs Z was born in 1919 in a village in Poland, the youngest of a family of seven, most of who would eventually perish during the World War II. In 1940 she was taken to a labour camp in Germany where she had a pretty bad time. After the war, she came to England in 1945 and found work packing in a factory. A year later, in 1946, she married her husband who was a Polish ex-officer. They had three children and M was the oldest. M is a teacher and is living with Mrs. Z. At the time of the initial interview, it was found out that the husband died recently, about eighteen months ago.

Prior to the time of M’s call to the Elders Team, she said that her mother was always competent and hard working person with no particular problems. However, her mother’s behaviour has become her concern recently because of some changes in behaviour that she found puzzling and disturbing. For example, Mrs Z used to speak English very well, but now insists on speaking Polish in the house. Also, Mrs. Z used to go out about two to three times a week to visit the Catholic Church but now refuses to go out unless daughter is with her.

M thinks initially attributed her mother’s condition is due to loneliness following death of her father, but now thinks something is wrong with her mother. Mrs. Z has become increasingly dependent on M and often stands by the window to watch for her to return. She often makes a fuss when M wants to go out in the evening. She also has begun to express negative opinions regarding the neighbours and their neighbourhood.

As recent as six months ago, she has never complained about the neighbours and generally kept opinions, if any, to herself. However, she ahs repeatedly complained about the building work being done next door, which did cause noise and mess but no more than one would expected. Mrs Z in addition has complained that neighbours are harassing her and wants her to get out of the house. Mrs Z even gets worried about any post or leaflets that come to the letterbox. Mrs Z also suffers from high blood pressure and arthritis in both legs .She has poor mobility but manages to cook meals. Because of the reasons, she said she does not want to go out anymore. She thinks neighbours are making a hole in her bedroom wall which is why she has been sleeping downstairs instead.

M does not know what is wrong with her mother, but thinks perhaps neighbours may have somehow upset her.

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