Write 11 pages with APA style on Family Law.

Therefore now begs the question why would one marry. Physiologists believe that marriage is a link to mental balancing and physical health. Family fact organization site believe that marriage couples tend to have lower mortality rate, financial stability and general physiological well being. That means marriage can make one better wealth accumulator. All this benefits of marriage must have culminated from some factors found in a healthy marriage only.

Marriage couples enjoy sex to the fullest than their counter parts who cohabit, because of the legality of their union. They are not worried when making love as their counterparts who are very conscious lest they cross boundaries of the “illicit sex”, example impregnating.

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Write 11 pages with APA style on Family Law.
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According to studies marriage women are healthier physiologically and physically, feel more secure, increases influence, and couples tend to report lower level of depression and are less addicted to substances. The biggest disadvantages of marriage, both parties are core owners of their wealth. This means if one chooses to go, the wealth will be shared between the two parties .

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