Write 10 pages with APA style on Psychology of Suicide

Write 10 pages with APA style on Psychology of Suicide. Others abuse drugs and at some point in life can find themselves unable to resolve their life problems and choose death as more adequate. If some of the factors are combined a person may fell close to killing himself. Despite evident inability to rationalize suicide people still consider this as an option and only professional help can influence their choice. Medication along with psychotherapy can help a person fid a vitality and sense of existence however it is important that they are in time.

Suicide is one of the most ancient phenomena of human existence which probably appeared as soon as life appeared itself. It is impossible to regard it as a purely psychological. problem, it is also a social impairment and a serious philosophical issue to solve. As an ultimate denial of life, it is the easiest way of managing with fears, depression, social pressure for those who find it impossible to endure the present and future. In a broader sense, suicide is the complete inability of adaptation to reality (Crichton-Miller, 1931). Suicide is covered with a number of myths and prejudices, and each culture has a specific attitude to this phenomenon. The most influential world religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism condemn suicide and regard it as a violation of the natural order of things. Though most people find it strange, sinful, or illogical to kill oneself being given a precious life, the number of those who attempt to do it and do it does not decrease over years. And the consequences for those who survived the suicide and the relatives of those who managed to commit it are very serious. For instance, only in the United States, more than thirty thousand people kill themselves and more than two hundred thousand attempts to commit a suicide every year (Davidson & Neale, 1994). The numbers of the victims of suicide in the world are even more drastic – suicide is considered to be a 10th major cause of death on the planet.&nbsp.

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Write 10 pages with APA style on Psychology of Suicide
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