World Radio Japan broadcasts some of its programs on the internet.

1926 was the year when NHK was founded. Krauss states that NHK was modeled on the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) radio company of Britain (6). NHK evolved from the merger of the three local broadcasting corporations. This merger and reorganization was carried out under the backing of Japans’ ministry of communications. In 1931, NHK started the second radio network. This was followed by the establishment of a shortwave radio service, Radio Japan, for its overseas listeners.

The Imperial Japanese army took control of all public news organizations in 1941 and harmonized their efforts through the information liaison confidential committee. All published and transmitted news reports duration of world war two became official broadcast of the Imperial army general headquarters. The headquarters was in Tokyo. NHK broadcasted the famous Tokyo rose wartime programs.

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World Radio Japan broadcasts some of its programs on the internet.
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After the war in 1950, three radio regulations were enacted including the broadcast law. Under this law, NHK started afresh as a unique corporation to be supported by its viewers. In 1950, NHK started general television followed by educational television in 1959 (Foreign Press Center 22). NHK aired its initial color television transmission in 1960. In the 1982, NHK started NHK BS television broadcasts and followed with NHK world television in 1995. The year 2000 saw NHK start satellite digital television transmissions. This was followed by in 2003 by terrestrial digital television transmissions for three megacity areas, with plans to cover almost the whole nation by 2011. NHK BS Hi-Vision analog television was stopped in 2007. NHK world television became free-to-air over the Astra in Europe at the end of 2008. Currently, NHK operates fifty four stations across the nation and has correspondents in twenty eight locations around the globe.

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