Working with leading people Paper

JD Sports Fashion is among the leading sports and trainer fashion retailers in the U.K, Based in Bury, Great Manchester. the retailer owns numerous retail shops all over the United Kingdom. JD Sports Fashions has recently expanded its operations to Bristol and is in the process of scouting for a store manager of the premise.

Following the expansion of JD Sports Fashion operations in Bristol and the growth in business activities at the store, the company is advertising for a store manager position. We aim at attracting a talented and enthusiastic individual with vast knowledge and experience in store keeping and management

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Working with leading people Paper
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The store manager will be the head of the store management team and will be responsible for the daily planning, control, and maintenance of the store activities. The store manager will also ensure that the customers have access to the necessary supplies.

The recruitment process adhered to the legal and regulatory framework that applies to recruitment and placement. We ensured that all the members of the interview panel were appropriately trained in the recruitment and selection techniques and were aware of the relevant employment legislation to have adhered. Data protection and freedom of information legislation were also considered during the recruitment process. The data we requested the applicants to submit was only used for the specified and lawful purposes, relevant to the employment

The information obtained from the applicants was confidential. All the recruitment staff members were required not to discuss with anyone other than the Human resource and the committee members.

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