Working for Wedding and Portrait Photography.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Working for Wedding and Portrait Photography. It needs to be at least 2000 words. I aim to take Viral Images to the next level. My goal for a 5-year operation is to compete with major photography Studios in Houston. In order to achieve that, I am pushing Viral Images to corporate status in the near future. I want to make connections with my friends at photography school. I am sure my passion for photography will take me to the peak of my goals.

Capital is vital. I am taking the major part of my finances from my savings. I am also granted a loan from a commercial bank in Houston because my feasibility study has convinced the loan and credit department that my plan will be successful and lucrative in a few years’ time as forecasted.

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Working for Wedding and Portrait Photography.
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The photography business has been a source of income for some people who have the resources to build photography schools and studios – most of them are partnerships and corporations. Taking photographs and processing quality pictures are in-demand services in Houston. In my case, I love to work for weddings and portraits – simply creative stuff that makes my life kicking. There is more complexity in the industry as a whole that’s why I am breaking every integral part into pieces simplified for sole ownership and operation in the meantime. I am a professional photographer myself that’s why I am confident to take the risk to make a name in the industry. The competition is stiff but my unique and practical approaches will make me thrive in the market. Nevertheless, I am not competing for big names – I am making my own and paving my own path towards photography.

Giving importance to the structure and organization of my photography business can help me achieve my goals in no time. The chart below gives enough details with the organizational structure of my photography business:

Viral Images is a sole proprietorship business but as forecasted in the near future – I am pushing my business endeavor to a corporate&nbsp.structure. The chart above shows the organizational structure of my photography business good for the first 3 to 5 years of operation.

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