Working as a Human Services Professional.

.The CEO/administrator of the Humanitarian Agency in Philadelphia, the ways to continue learning about the Human Services field which would assist in expanding education and skills are as follows: (1) by regularly apprising oneself on current and future trends in Human Services through reading authoritative sources on this field of study. (2) by attending conferences, seminars, leadership training and development under the Human Services field through the Human Service Leadership Institute (Human Services Leadership Institute, 2012). and (3) by pursuing higher education courses or programs in Human Services (Hack College, 2015), . These opportunities for learning and developmental growth could be achieved by scheduling continued learning in one’s daily activities.

Three ways to hold yourself accountable for performing quality work as the administrator/CEO of your agency

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Working as a Human Services Professional.
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The three ways to hold accountability for performing quality work as the administrator/CEO of the Humanitarian Agency are as follows: (1) through clear stipulation of roles, responsibilities, and commitment as the CEO/administrator, as stated in one’s job description and in the organizational structure. (2) through explicit planning and development of policies and procedures that would delineate functions and stipulate accountabilities or deliverables expected of one’s role. and (3) through using resources to communicate clear standards or goals of performance and evaluating the manner by which these goals have been achieved within stipulated time frames. Likewise, as emphasized by Este (2007), “the challenges to implementing accountability in the human services could be overcome with the appropriate planning, organizational commitment, and resources” (p. 1).


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