Work in a Team and Self-managed. 

Work in a Team and Self-managed. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. 

Self-managed work team is a group of employees with responsibilities to manage themselves and the task they do. It is a semiautonomous group. The team has the authority to plan and schedule work, make decisions related to production and take actions on problems. Their authority is confined to their teams, and they cannot impose their actions on other teams. They have minimum direct supervision. A supervisor who is not a member of the group has the overall authority of the team. The team mainly produces a definable product, and they perform interdependent tasks (Plunkett, p.498). On the other hand, product development team is a group of employees that have a goal of producing a particular product and to hierarchical flow of authority. decisions are made regarding the production. This means that the team has an overall supervisor who they consult and is involved in decision making on product production (Plunkett, p.498).

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 Work in a Team and Self-managed. 
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Question two.

Group members play many roles within a group. First, are the tasks or functional roles. These roles see the project sail through the initial stages up to the action. These include numerous roles such as initiator role that a member proposes original ideas to approach a problem. Information seeker and giver is a role that involves seeking expert information about the issue and providing information to the team. Coordinator role that includes putting together ideas and showing their relationship to make them cohesive. The recorder role involves acting as a secretary to the team (Plunkett, p.498).

Secondly are the social or maintenance roles. These roles positively create cohesion among the team members. Examples of these roles include harmonizer role that involves uniting the members in cases of differences. The energizer role involves supporting and praising members to create a positive attitude in them, the observer role that includes giving feedback of the team progress (Plunkett, p.498).

Work cited

Plunkett, W R. Management: Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations. Mason, OH, 2013. Print.

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