Women’s role in Hinduism and Judaism.

Write 8 pages with APA style on Women’s role in Hinduism and Judaism. Hinduism is considered one of the most widespread religions in the world after Christianity and Islam and this explains its relevance in anthropological studies (Tuyizere 66).

The role of women in this religion has been given diverse reviews and explanation but the dominating fact is the prominence that the religion granted to the women. However, the position of women and men in the Hindu tradition was quite different with women allowed to play a subordinate position as compared to the men. The history of Judaism and the different positions that the genders were allowed to play have been reflected in the holy bible, which has provided an overview of the Hebrew culture and tradition. An evaluation of the bible reveals a disproportional reference to women as compared to men, a factor that anthropologists and gender scholars have used to support the notion that women were subordinate in the Judaism culture as well (Idinopulos, Thomas and James 212).

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Women’s role in Hinduism and Judaism.
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According to the laws of Manu within the Hindu doctrines, women were considered as essential dharma of men and most women were fulfilled and played the role well. Hindu culture and belief have always had an important position for women and this can be traced to historical roles that Hindu women have always played either in religious or social activity. Ancient Hindu held women with high esteem, and they had major roles to play, some of which were more superior to roles played by men, as Hinduism believes that male power or ‘shakti’ comes from women. It was a common occurrence in ancient Hindu for an entire town to be destroyed in case the leadership of that state wronged a woman.

In Vedic times, women and men have been considered equal and provided with similar educational and religious opportunities. Women were allowed to participate in public sacrifices alongside men.

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