women are the stronger sex

Women are more nurturing than men because they have to be. Women care for others. This does not mean men do not have the capacity to nurture, but women as a majority have a greater capacity. Women take care of children, the sick, and elderly family members. One author reveals:

Over the years, women have won access to the paid workplace, but they have yet to win the social change that truly acknowledges the contributions of unpaid care to the economy and society.

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women are the stronger sex
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Nurturing or caring for another individual involves things not considered manly. An example would be changing diapers, either a child or a parent. Some men do changes diapers, but all women with children change diapers. Women have to nurture, which make them the stronger sex.

Women are also physically stronger, not in strength but in health and living with more illness. In the US, a woman’s life expectancy is 79 years, while a man’s life expectancy is 72 years (Cromie). Women live longer than men worldwide. Cromie states, “While men die from their diseases, women live with them.” Although women live longer, they develop “arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes”. This attests to the physical endurance of women. Recently, women have been urged to only donate whole blood, not plasma. In Oklahoma, women have been prohibited from donating plasma. This is due to an antibody that women develop when they are pregnant but are immune to, but men are not. This has caused complications in transfusions, leading to pulmonary problems. Their bodies are stronger than that of a man.

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