Wold Cultures. 

 The Judaism art dates back to the biblical times judging by the various piece of architecture and other artistic works described in the Bible. It is worth noting that the Jews have been conservative for a long time and this can be explained in their artistic works. The Jews are notorious for their Christian believes and the teachings of the Bible, which prohibits sculptured image. Hall (99) says that the second Mosaic commandments state “You shall not make for yourself a sculpture that resembles anything in earth or in heaven”. Despite the fact that the Bible expressly prohibits art, the Jewish have a history of rich artistic work and several artists with global reputation.

Most Jewish arts get their inspiration from the Bible. The Biblical Jezebel literally means “in the shadow of protection of God”. Jezebel was a Jewish Artisan who was anointed by God with the sole purpose of building a tabernacle. Therefore, in order to have a holistic view of the Jewish culture the concept earliest works of Judaism is seen from God’s commandment to Jezebel. The prowess with which the Jewish conducted their arts has received praise from the Bible judging by the beautiful work that has characterized the construction of the First temple that was constructed in Jerusalem during the leadership of King Solomon. The temple was overlaid with gold and decorated with Cherum (1Kings 6). Moreover, the beauty of the second temple is apparent. the second temple was popularly referred to as Herod’s Temple. According to Howard & Ian (112), Tractate Succot attest to the beauty of this church by saying that none who is yet to see the Herod’s Temple has ever seen a glorious building.

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Wold Cultures. 
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Even after the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem, the Jewish art continued to flourish. In fact, the Judaism art spilled outside Israel, which is the foundation of the Jewish culture.

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