Wild Frontier 

WSS as it integrates the intranet and web applications will make it easier for the company to deploy their applications. The organization’s intranet can be accessed from anywhere by its employees. Uploading the web applications on the intranet makes it easier for the remote offices to access these applications without them necessarily being installed on the local machine (Husman, 2007).

Windows SharePoint Services are used for creation, management and sharing of documents. Like any other organization, Wild Frontier has several departments and these departments are interconnected both in the headquarters and field offices. The finance department in the remote office should be able to access the records at the headquarters, and this can be accomplished using SharePoint. Employee A at the headquarters will upload a document on the SharePoint workspace of the finance department and Employee B in one of the field offices accesses it via the intranet. On this very document, Employee B can make changes and save these changes (Husman, 2007). This means that there are two different people working on the same document- each at a time- this avoids duplication of work. The advantage is that SharePoint has document versions and if one does not like the current edited version, they can revert back to the previous version without redoing the whole document.

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Wild Frontier 
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The management wants to make use of the same number of printers with the increased taskforce and field offices. To be able to accomplish this, the printers will have to be connected on a network. Having the printers connected to a common network will make it easier for the employees to print on any machine in the building as long as the printer is configured on the user’s machine or laptop. Additionally, if the printers enable the users to print wirelessly then this makes the whole printing process much faster and convenient.

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