Why women should avoid abortion.

Reasons against abortion are broad and vary from religious values, human values, as well as the values associated with conscience. Issues related to primary human values appear at the top of reasons why women should not get abortion.

It is crucial for women to put into perspective the unborn babies. It is definite that irrespective of the circumstance under which a woman conceived, the unborn child was not responsible in any way (Waxman, 2009, 08). It is necessary to allow the unborn babies enjoy the right of living and growing into a person just as the biological father and mother lived to the level of interacting to bring the child to life. Women in this case, ought to reduce their egoistic elements towards the unborn and be more humanitarian to them as well. Undoubtedly, the unborn kid does not have any clue on how and why it is at the exact place. It is not good to terminate a life without giving it a chance to live fully. Indeed, there are many other mechanisms of resolving related problems. Along with this line of thought, procuring abortion compounds a tragedy.

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It is understandable that the conditions which a woman conceives are tragic such as a rape and incest. Other occasions include diagnosing the pregnant mother with a health defect that could also include the pregnancy putting the health of the expectant mother at risk. Nonetheless, it is never justified to respond to one tragedy with another one. A critical question to the proponents of abortion is, how does killing a child eradicate rape incidences? If the unborn in the womb of mother is ill, do we cure him by taking his life? In general, the society cannot avoid the all issues arising from health by denying the existence of human beings. It is only recommended that the society puts adequate measures in place to care for raped women compassionately.&nbsp. Compassionate care does not in any way include ending the existence of the child in the womb. Care includes among other actions extending real facts to parents experiencing prenatal complications and directing them to other women with experiences that remain helpful to their colleagues.&nbsp.

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