Why Mall of America Is My Favorite Hangout.

Why Mall of America is My Favorite Hangout

Geographically, the Mall of America (MoA) is situated in Bloomington, Minnesota on the northern side of the Minnesota River and it is adjacent to the Junction of Interstate 494. Concerning ownership, the Triple Five Group, which consists of the Ghermezian family, owns and manages the business premise currently and the shopping mall continues to grow by the day [OPENING]. Ever since the mall opened its doors [PERSONIFICATION] to customer in1992, the mall receives huge number of visitor every year to the tune of 40 million. Most of these visitors normally come from Canada, Minnesota, Iowa, and Ohio. I have to admit that this mall is special at least going by the number of visitors it receives annually. Perhaps fascinating feature about this facility is that besides being the leading mall in North America, it also an entertainment enthusiasts’ establishment [ALLITERATION]. In fact, it hosts a number of high-class restaurants and attractions including nostalgic memorials and artifacts [PERSONIFICATION]. [BACKGROUND]. This essay using imagery and three rhetorical devices, intensively describes the Mall of America particularly why it is a special and favorite place to me [THESIS SENTENCE].

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Why Mall of America Is My Favorite Hangout.
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Essentially, the mall contains a number of facilities ranging from stores to restaurants that are as vibrant as those found in New York City. In fact, The Theme Park Food Court, LEGO and The Hooters restaurant on levels two and four respectively, provide customers with finger licking meals [METAPHOR] that would make one a slave to the restaurants [METAPHOR]. As one passes by the pavement of the eateries, all they see are sumptuous and savory meals [ALLITERATION] inviting them for a taste [PERSONIFICATION].

When it comes to the attractions at the Mall of America, the mall is a tourists’ heaven [METAPHOR] considering the numerous theme parks and roller coasters. Additionally, the mall Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium is a sight to behold [METAPHOR] for anyone who loves watching sea animals. Principally, the sea animals in the aquarium are as proud as peacocks [SIMILE], judging by the way they manner in which they swim across the thick glass wall.

Concerning the memorials and artifacts found in the mall of America, I feel it earnest to note that the United Airline flight 93 memorial that was laid after the September 11 attack is both a nostalgic and melancholic sight [METAPHOR]. Nonetheless, the stadium seat in honor one that was hit by Harmon killebrew greets all [PERSONIFICATION] that enter through the door. In short, one realizes that time is a thief [METAPHOR] while viewing the memorials and artifacts.

In line with the phrase ‘Your Life, Your Style, Your Place,’ that was coined in 1994, the Mall of America is indeed one of the most secure public facilities in North America. This is particularly so after the release of series&nbsp.Mall Cops: Mall of America in 2010. Many people feel safe within the compound of the Mall of America especially because any suspicious behavior within the mall usually jails or even detains the suspects [PERSONIFICATION].

When it comes to the cinema theatres at the mall of America, anyone who has been there can attest to the fact that the place is good for socializing. In this respect, t is important to point out that movies shown at the mall thrill and excite viewers in equal measure. This makes such joints a movie lovers’ magnet [Metaphor] especially due to the subsidiary services offered at the cinema theatres.

In conclusion, the Mall of America is my favorite place especially when I am free due to the amazing and exceptional features it has in store for any prospective visitor [CLOSING].

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