Why don’t we have more practicing women engineers.

The above-mentioned news clipping revolves around the most current problem that is being faced by women engineers nowadays. The overall ethical structure of the society and more importantly that of a workplace has deteriorated so very much that day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult for the fairer sex to take advantage of it. The above mentioned current problem is very moral negating. After spending years pursuing a relatively challenging degree of Engineering the working climate forces women out of the practical exposure of their respective discipline. Since women form a major part of the country’s workforce this is a potential setback upon the economy of a country that a significant majority of their economy generated personnel are drifting away from the field in which they have specialized.

Potential areas where women or any other engineer for that matter, would want to work in are the areas that involve practical exposure to their field of study. Recent observations noted that over the past few years the ongoing trends in the society have been such that instead of their own field the studies done by engineers are being utilized in other fields like teaching etc.

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 Why don’t we have more practicing women engineers.
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The above research was the outcome of the latest study conducted in Milwaukee using about half a million grants by the National Science Foundation. The study was based on an online survey. Around 3700 women who had done their engineering degree from over 230 countries participated in the survey. Among the four types of respondents women who never entered their practical engineering field constituted a considerable part.

“As the need for engineering professionals grows, educators and industry leaders are increasingly concerned with how to attract women to a traditionally male career. A new University of Missouri study found the impact of the engineering curriculum and obstacles, including self-efficacy and feelings of inclusion, can impede women’s success in the predominantly male discipline of engineering.

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