Why did the new zealand government offer warner brothers incentives to film the hobbit in new zealand

 Why did the new zealand government offer warner brothers incentives to film the hobbit in new zealand Thank you in advance for the help! The intent was also inclusive of changing the industry and society into a positive atmosphere, specifically with the expectation that the film would grow in popularity. This was combined with the noted changes in statistics of the society, which required alterations to offer more for those who were living in the region. The approach which was taken toward the filming as well as the expected economic stimulation led to the filming being a positive measure for growth in the economy while creating the destination as one that was branded through both landscape and the popularity of the filming. Moving into Economic Growth A main reason why New Zealand allowed Warner Brothers to film “The Hobbit” in New Zealand was because of the economic growth that was associated with the film. This was specific to the time frame, which is based on a global movement where each location is able to offer a unique element for the globe as a whole. To be a part of this movement is also the need to create a different understanding and highlight of various locations. The belief from the government was that this particular movie would highlight the best aspects of New Zealand, specifically with the nature shots and the elements of fantasy that were attributed to the landscape. This particular concept led to New Zealand opening into the global market and to push into free trade within the economy, specifically because it forced the barriers in the country to be removed. The intent was then partially based on changing global relationships and growth for a different approach to the economy (Gould, 2010). The concept of opening into free trade is one which was specific to the identification of businesses in New Zealand and the current state which they are in. It was believed that the trade unions and the businesses would be positively affected by highlighting the New Zealand territory, specifically because it would bring a sense of trust and popularity to the businesses in the region. This was combined with highlighting the advantages of New Zealand. For instance, the region is known as subsidy free in the free trade agreement. however, it has not opened to the global level of commerce in most regions. The highlights of different countries are also creating fair trade which occurs because of what is known as well as where the best deals are within the economy. By showing the main ideologies of New Zealand, those interested in business and other approaches to fair trade were able to investigate into global agreements while recognizing the strengths that were associated with the approach to partnering with a subsidy free region (Weyer, 2005). The approach which was taken with the economy was known to create a high stimulus and to open the free trade agreement to the region. The return was a $363 million amount of cash that went into the economy from tourism, trade with businesses in the region while filming and a high amount of tourism which began to grow after the popularity of the film. This was combined with a continuous range of additional economic activity from $119 to $227 million and indirect benefits of $10 million to $34 million. The concept was based on an international competition for the region to be highlighted as a global area for commerce, trade, environment and other concepts that were portrayed in the film. The scheme allowed the film producers to highlight the best of New Zealand, specifically to stimulate the economy and to force in levels of growth by the growing popularity of the region. The figures show that this particular tactic worked to stimulate the New Zealand economy (New Zealand Film Commission, 2011).

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Why did the new zealand government offer warner brothers incentives to film the hobbit in new zealand
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