I am a girl. My name is Rimsha Saeed. I am a very optimistic and honest person. As an individual I have to perform different roles and because of these roles my personality keep changing. My personality is a complex of different traits and the five big personality traits that describe my personality are as follows:
One personality trait that I have is that I am a reserved and quiet person because I want to work alone and do not like to talk to anyone especially to a stranger. I do not make friends easily because I am quite shy. Another personality trait is that I am hardworking. I make a plan of what I want to do and struggle hard to achieve my goals. A third personality trait is that I am a soft-hearted person. I always try to help needy people. I am willing to help anyone at any time and I do not like to take any advantage from them. Another personality trait is that I am an emotional individual because I am more sensitive and observe the world more deeply especially the feelings of others. A final personality trait is that I am an imaginative person as I always prefer to creativity and new ideas.
From the analysis of MBTI, I have assessed that my personality type is INTP(introversion, intuition, thinking and perception). As an introverted I am quiet and reserved. I only prefer to meet with few friends and do not like much social interaction. I prefer intuition to sensing because I am abstract in nature and I focus on big picture and future possibilities. I am a thinker because I prefer to make decisions based on logic and reasons and I give importance to honesty and consistency. I prefer perception to judgement because I like flexibility and want to keep my plans flexible in order to change them according to circumstances.

I think that my personality is best described by Humanistic theory. As I am not only concern about meeting my current needs but I also focus on continuous growth and betterment and this theory emphasizes on personal growth, development and freedom to make choices. I am emotional and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others but I do not allow society to shape my feelings or activities.

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