White collar crime as a non-violent type of crime.

 Owing to its organizational nature, white collar crime requires an organizational approach towards mitigation. The text in this study will define through a proposal addressed to a financial institution how a Chief Risk Officer can strategize and implement measures to curb white collar crime within a financial institution. The text will highlight a risk strategy, overall organizational chart, software and technology, and finally the procedures and policies that will see to it that the institution’s finances are safe and transparent.

Every organization requires measures that address threats or potential risks which may act as loopholes leading to white collar crime within or beyond the organization. The offered consultative measures feature governance that is sustainable, programs that manage risks, and compliance with the set measures that work to manage, monitor, identify, and remediate the entire organizing process in preventing the vicious.

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White collar crime as a non-violent type of crime.
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Access means that all organizational documentation and data has controlled exposure to affect both its security and privacy. This is because access to such crucial aspects of an organization means that modification and/or misuse of the same can enable the one possessing them to exercise whatever they wish. The set access controls should be designed to ensure that the right person accesses the information or documentation they need, only when they need it. This is important because unauthorized personnel cannot misuse such, and in case of any crime, then it is possible to narrow down to the few who have the access (Pontell & Geis, 2010).

Again, security should go beyond the organization level, especially in cases where there is internet use. Most firms store or conduct their activities online, where it is known that virtual transactions and storages are prone to cracking and hacking. As such, there should be measures that comply with up-to-standard IT security to curb these risks.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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