Whether Abortion Is a Moral Issue.

 There may be instances of unwed girls who are pregnant or at times abortion is felt necessary to save the life of the mother. There are arguments that fetus does not have life. This paper will argue that abortion is morally not permissible. People claim that abortion has moral support today. Abortion is a moral issue but different theories of morality have diverse opinions. The arguments against abortion will be supported by theories on Morality, and views on abortion by different philosophers.

Morally, Warren (1996) states that a fetus is not a human being in the moral sense because a human being must have at least one of the following capacities – reasoning, self-awareness, complex communication. Warren further explains that fetus involves different stages of development. According to Thomson (1971), that it is only by the tenth week that the fetus develops a face, arms and legs, fingers and toes, internal organs and brain activity. Hence, until the tenth week, the fetus does not have any of these capacities, it is not a person, and hence it is not wrong to kill a fetus.

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Whether Abortion Is a Moral Issue.
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Conception is the fusion between the sperm and the egg. The zygote or the fertilized egg is already a person. The fertilized egg contains the genetic material to develop into a human being. A fetus is like an animal. If you brought an animal from a shop but later found that it caused you inconvenience, can you morally kill it? Similarly, if a woman becomes pregnant voluntarily, can she later decide to have an abortion? The argument here is that the fetus is an innocent human being. it is always wrong to kill an innocent human being. therefore it is wrong to kill a fetus. A fetus is dependent on the mother until 20-22 weeks of pregnancy. After that, it is individual and capable of existing independent of the mother.

Before this period, the fetus is like a bodily issue, e.g., a tumour and hence morally permissible for a woman to have an abortion, argues Warren.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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