What made Franklin D.

Need help with my writing homework on What made Franklin D. Roosevelt such a powerful leader and one of the most highly regarded presidents in American history. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Because of his strong advocacy, the love of freedom is still alive in America today (InfoUSA 1). As a great leader, Franklin Roosevelt devoted his effort to the service of his country. In as much as critics may highlight instances of failure during his presidency, Roosevelt has a legacy as a strong leader in the country’s history.

People generally accept that F. D. Roosevelt remains one of the greatest leaders in the world. He served as the 32nd President of the country. Roosevelt was born in New York. His leadership guided the United States and helped it during hard moments. He has been considered a central political figure throughout the world, as well.

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What made Franklin D.
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Roosevelt laid a solid foundation of leadership as a president during his early age. He was bright during his young age and graduated from Harvard University. “Roosevelt became very active with the school newspaper.” When he undertook studies at Harvard, he spent most of his time in publishing the school newspaper. After he graduated from Harvard, “Franklin D. Roosevelt joined Columbia Law School.” Various experiences and knowledge helped him win the Senate seat later (Rosenberg 1).

As a great leader, Roosevelt made a number of improvements in society. One of the most significant and remarkable things he did, and probably the most successful one, was that he led the United States recovery from the Great Depression (Rosen 130). The Great Depression was an economic decline in the United States. “Banks in all 48 states had either closed or had placed restrictions on how much money depositors could withdraw.” Most banks were bankrupted during the Great Depression. thus, people could not take their money. Additionally, unemployment rose and people lost their jobs overnight. People suffered during this period.

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