What Leads Criminals to Re-offend After a Prison Sentence. 

The prison system that the country uses today and in the 20th century is the same. In the 20th century, prisons experienced major reforms in terms of structure and staffing. However, one major aspect that the system did not accommodate was the technological characteristic. Technology in major institutions is one very important characteristic as in the 21st century. most of the education relayed to students is through technology. For example, calculators have come in as a great deal to serve contemporary students with faster ways of calculating in fields such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics. If these people had gained the knowledge, they would not go back to society to commit the crimes but would rather make something worth.

The economic condition in the outside world is one other factor linked to the high amount of repeat offenders in the prisons. In contemporary times, the rates of recession have been steadily on the rise and thus making people engage in activities that will serve to help them gain a meal for the day. The economic factors extend so far such as even professionals such as doctors engage in activities that do not fit their job description. An example of this is a doctor who may go way out of his career path to sell prescription drugs to addicts in an effort to make the extra cash.

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What Leads Criminals to Re-offend After a Prison Sentence. 
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According to Malthouse who is a well-known author on the issue, these conditions affect the professionalism of people and when they stray to carry out activities that do not suit them, the resulting factor is the lack of essence to the career that a person has (Malthouse and Roffey-Barentson, 2010). With the lack of essence, it is common to find the person forfeiting his job and concentrating on the illegal side job as a whole. Through this, the person may lose certain concepts taught in the professional school attended due to lack of practice&nbsp.and this would eventually render a former professional a criminal.

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