What is the purpose of interviewing and why intentional interviewing skills are important in Human Services.

Intentional Interviewing Skills Intentional interviewing gives sufficient space for ascertaining the internal urges of the client which is important to elementally support his ability to express himself. From the psychological point of view, the purpose of an interview is the assessment of predetermined variables of the psychoanalytic position of the target client. The intentional interviewing process is a practical tool for analyzing the individual’s emotional variations during the conversation by a number of questions to provoke the person to speak more vividly about all the perturbing aspects of daily life. The basic point noticed in such conversations is ether the disability to express or the excessiveness of expression exhibited by the client from which the interviewer can take effective note on his psychological requirements. The ultimate purpose of an intentional interview with the client is therefore, “to respect the client, use appropriate skills and strategies, and seek to alleviate stress” (Ivery, Ivery A and Zalaquett, 12). Intentional interviewing is regarded as the basis for framing psychoanalytical approach to client’s issues related to his work or sociability concerns. In order to access the institutional stature developed in the client, the interviewer should focus on inducing the client frame stories of his actual experiences with the conditions mentioned in the issues. There must be equal emphasis from the interviewer to listen patiently to the stories of the clients about their personal encounters with the differential conditions. According to Ivery, Ivery, A and Zalaquett, listening to the story and finding the positive strengths in it or as an associate to another life dimension of the client with a view to rewrite a new narrative for the future action are the essential features to be considered during the interviewing, counseling and psychotherapy of the client (17). In this detailed process of interviewing, various things are considered as focal elements. Problems of the client, concerns for them from the perspective of the client, the issues raised as a result of the difference found in the psychological condition of the client or the effect of the issue in the organized activities of the client and the challenges for treating disorder found in the client are the major features of the therapy. The inner-lying purpose of the interview is largely associated with setting a platform for counseling the client and helping him resolve the challenges faced by his active and productive life. While an interview is being conducted, the client is exposed to a number of questions related to his personal as well as professional life. The variability of the questions as well as their purpose resources for the flexibility of the client’s answering. Such questions set requirements for framing stories that explore the chances of self-discovery of each client, and at the end point, counseling becomes easy. Effective application of intentional interviewing demands the interviewer to be flexible with listening as every clients needs to be heard. While the listening and questioning processes go on, there is a stage automatically set for the client to take the benefit of cultural and predictive intentionality as he learns to react to the questions in a chronological order based on the stimulation of his memory capability. This feature essentially helps in retaining the directions guided during the counseling. Interviewing for counseling purpose is an absolute survey of the mindset of the client as a relationship with his behavior demonstrations and verbal expressions. As the stories told by him on arguments raised by the interviewer give a comprehensive detail about his psychological status, it is important see that the conversation during the interviewing meets most of the requirements of active listening by the interviewer. Relationship process in the interviewing provides for the rapport with the client’s perspectives and the description becomes easily measurable. The success of the interviewer depends much on the quality of relationship process applied by him in the process of the conversation. As this process helps the interviewer maintain his natural self, the client gets comfortable ambience of self exposure and the narration becomes easier than in a normal question-answer format. The interviewing process is the association of individuals employed in a conversation for a specific analysis. therefore, it may be difficult to analyze all the variables of as required by the objectives of the interview. Most of the difficulty is caused from the comprehensive ability of the interviewer to create awareness of the question and to analyze the core problem in the interview. In my personal view, interviewing is a difficult process only as long as the interviewer does not meet the desirable qualities required for conducting the interview. For my first interview, I will possess high level of patience and govern the conversation with essential factors for making it more interactive. During the psychoanalytic process, I will explore the client with the application of various theories of developmental psychology with questions framed for ascertaining the client’s personal preferences and analyze reflections of his psychic vibrations in the process of answering. I will also maintain questions from the angle of cultural and societal involvement of the client in the conversation related to issues other than his problems in order to perfectly assess his ability to respond to the questions differently. Works Cited Ivery, Allen E., Ivery, Mary and Zalaquett, Carlos, P. Intentional interviewing and counseling: facilitating client development in a multicultural society. Cengage Learning, 2009. Print.

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What is the purpose of interviewing and why intentional interviewing skills are important in Human Services.
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