What is the principle of liberty summarize john stuart mills arguments in favour of the principle of liberty

what is the principle of liberty summarize john stuart mills arguments in favour of the principle of liberty. 2 what are isaiah berlins two liberties how are they different 3 why mig Thank you in advance for the help! The Principle of Liberty The Principle of Liberty can be defined as the “Natural Law” or “Common Law” and the freedom to be enjoyed within certain limits, without affecting the freedom of others. John Stuart Mill’s “Harm Principle” is the central concept, where it advocates the theory of liberty in the area of “healthy social relation and harmony” (Ogunkoya, 2011, p.519). His principle of liberty can be summarized as a concept by which everyone can enjoy their freedom without injuring the interests of one another.

The two concepts of liberty, according to Isaiah Berlin are: Positive Liberty and Negative Liberty. Positive liberty may be defined as the freedom of one who governs or be his own master in the society. Both liberties can be differentiated in two major forms. The first “self abnegation in order to attain independence” and the second form the “self identification with specific principle” (Berlin, 1958, p.10).

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What is the principle of liberty summarize john stuart mills arguments in favour of the principle of liberty
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According to libertarians the owners of a particular property should receive full right to enjoy their own properties. They do not support the other types of controls such as “wages, prices, rents, profit, and interest rates” to achieve political goals (Libertarian Party Platform, 2012, p.4). Berlin would suggest a reform of maximizing taxes to remove other taxes as well as add capital gains and dividends as preferred ones. In simple words, he would support a simple and fairer tax system.

Public displays of affection between two people from the same country can be viewed as normal, depending on the culture of the particular country. Displaying posters such as same sex marriage should be discouraged as it may “reduce marriage to a friendship” (Same Sex Marriage Advocates are Far too Spiritual, 2011, par.2). Marriage means more than a friendship. No matter how close two friends are, they cannot become one flesh and marriage takes the relationship to another level. Thus, a man can have many friends, but only one wife.

Everyone has the “right to express” and the freedom to receive ideas without any interference of the public (Judge Yamali, n.d. p.4). The freedom of speech is very essential and it is the primary right of every citizen. Without freedom to speak there would be no political action and no opposition to injustice. For example, in Handy Side Vs United Kingdom the court has ruled that “Freedom of expression (is the) essential foundations of a society” (p.5).

There are a number of convention rights to be considered by an institution before admission. These include the “right and freedom of convention” without any discrimination in any contexts such as sex, language, religion, political or social influence (Fair Admissions to Higher Education: Recommendations for Good Practices, n.d. p.75). The Court of Appeal also mandates that no student is to be obstructed from the “right of education” (p.73).


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