What is the hypothesis

Answer the questions in the word document and use PDF for findings.InstructionsFor this assignment you will need to download the attached research article and analyze it in order to answer to the following questions:What is the hypothesis?What is the independent variable?What is the dependent variable?What were the results/conclusions?What are the sources of error?In order to answer these questions, you will only need to read to the abstract, introduction and discussion. You are certainly welcome to read the entire article but the methods and results section can be very technical.  The section below explains how to determine the answers but you should open the quiz once you have your answers and type them directly into canvas. Although canvas says this says it is a quiz, there is a regular assignment and there is no limit.This is the research question the scientists are trying to answer. It can frequently be expressed as an if/then statement: If this….then …. For instance, “If fertilizer helps plants to grow, then adding it to treatment plants will cause them to grow bigger than plants that don’t get it”.  Generally we write hypothesis in the “null” form and presume there is no relationship (Fertilizer will have no effect on plant growth) because we want to disprove our hypothesis but you can write it either way.The independent variable is what is being manipulated. In the above example, it would be the fertilizer.The dependent variable is what changes due to the treatment or manipulation. In the above example it would be how much the plants grow.The results are generally the actual data (figures, statistics) and the conclusions are what that means for the hypothesis. So for our example, perhaps the fertilized plants grew 3 more inches than those without fertilizer. That would be the data. The conclusion would be that the hypothesis is supported (remember, not proven) that fertilizer helps plants grow.Sources of error are things that could have affected the experiment. In this case, it could be the fertilizer but it could also be things that were not controlled for, maybe they humidity where they were in the room? How many plants were grown? If there weren’t that many, maybe the ones that got fertilizer where just healthier plants to begin with? Did they somehow get more/less sun? Was water held constant? Are they measuring height? What about number or leaves, or spread of the plant. You would have to read the experiment to know but anytime you are looking at research results you should be looking for things that might have affected the results.

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What is the hypothesis
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