What is a Mahdaviat?

 A Mahdaviat is religious term that is technical. It is derived from the term Mahdi. A Mahdaviat can be defined as a belief in Mahdi and in efforts to make way for the Mahdi. The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while mayor for Tehran in 2004, secretly ordered the city council of Tehran to erect a grand avenue so as to make way for the coming of Mahdi. When he later became the president of Iran, his government set aside seventeen million dollars. This money was for putting up a Mosque that had blue tiles with close connections with Mahdaviat in Jamkran in the south of Tehran. This is a popular pilgrimage area. The pilgrims come to pray here and drop letters with messages in a well where many of them believe that the Hidden Imam is hiding. Hence, from the above examples of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the definition of a Mahdaviat is well brought out. Mahdaviat is also a code for Iran’s Islamic revolution. It is the spirit of revolution of the Iranian people (Hitchcock 59).

What do Mahdaviats believe?

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What is a Mahdaviat?
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The Mahdaviats believe in the Mahdi. They believe that he is Islam’s primary expected savior. They believe that they are th descendants of Muhammad. They believe that the Mahdi shall be known after a time of pain and suffering in the world. They also believe that the Mahdi will bring about justice in the world. They believe that the Mahdi will be the leader of a revolution which will bring about the new world order. Nations that oppose the Mahdi will go to war against the Mahdi. They also believe that the Mahdi shall instigate a seven year peace treaty with a Jew of a priest lieneage. The Mahdaviats believe that ISLAM shall be the only religion on earth when the Mahdi is around. They also believe that the Mahdi shall rule for even years with Jerusalem as his centre. They also believe that Israel shall be conquered (Hitchcock, 63).

Who is the Mahdi?

The Mahdi in Arabic means the rightly guided one. He is a major figure in Islamic eschatology. He is the one who shall restore justice and religion and shall rule before the earth ends. The Mahdi concept began on the inception of Islam and is popularly identified with the Shiite branch. The Mahdi shall come to save the Mahdaviats. He will show up in Mecca and shall travel from Mecca to Kufa in Iraq. At the time of showing up, he shall be forty years old. He shall wear a ring that belonged to King Solomon. The Mahdi shall fulr for a period of seven years. He is a descendant of Muhammed. Finally, the Mahdi is a person who shall conquer his enemies will be led by the one – eyed antichrist (Hitchcock, 62).

Why is Mahdviat important in international affairs?

It is true that Ahmadinejad is a Mahdaviat. Mahdaviat is important because it helps us to understand the route that international affairs shall take. For example, when speaking at a UN conference, Mr. Ahmadinejad surprised the audience by praying a Mahdaviat prayer. The importance of the Mahdaviat in international affairs is that it enables people to fully exactly did he do that. Mahdaviat’s are Americans and Israelites to buy from Mahdaviate asitseemd to increase Bang. Various international affairs indicate the health of the Madaviat is directly proportional to the tared kitamb (Hitchcock, 60).

Work Cited

Hitchcock, Mark. Iran and Israel. Harvest House Publishers. 2013. Print.

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