What impact has globalization had on the nation-state

The term “globalization” has appeared rather recently. Therefore it has not found the encyclopedic and philosophical reflection in the dictionaries. Though already today there is no doubt that this process designated by this term will play a defining role in all further history of the development of human society.

There is an opinion, that the concept “globalization” assumes as well comprehension by the world community of unity of mankind, the existence of the general global problems and uniform for all the world of the basic norms. Below it will be shown, that concept “globalization of society” designates today rather complex and multidimensional development of the world community which includes not only economic and geopolitical aspects, but also and rather thin aspects of psychological and cultural character, for example, such, as national identity and cultural wealth (Steger).

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What impact has globalization had on the nation-state
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The most important characteristic of the process of globalization of society is a movement towards international integration that is to unite humanity worldwide in the unified social organism. After all, integration is the connection of various elements into a coherent whole. Therefore, society and globalization presuppose not only their transition to the global market and international division of labor, but also to the common law, to the same standards of justice and public administration (Stiglitz).

It is expected that by this process people of our planet will, ultimately, understand ourselves as a coherent and unified political community. And this, of course, would be a qualitatively new level of development of civilization. Indeed, thanks to scientific advances in the field of general systems theory, we know that any system is highly complex and there is something more than a simple sum of its parts. It always has fundamentally new properties that can not be inherent in any of its individual components or even some combination. This, actually, is the self-evident synergies complex systems.&nbsp.


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