What I have learned about diversity and multicultural education

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        I learned that there is more to diversity and multicultural education than that which beholds the eye. I know what I learned in this course is just scratching the surface and that I should continue to research and learn about this subject matter even when this course is complete. I know that diversity is such a hot topic to discuss sometimes, but having an open and honest conversation can make us better in understanding others and their needs. I really enjoyed doing all of the assignments that we did and learning new things about others. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was very enjoyable in getting to learn all of the different forms of discriminations and how to handle each. This was valuable information in that I can share them with those around me and help them understand how it affects them. The LGBTQ presentation power-point was valuable in what I got to discover and learn. I did not know that there were so many terms and definitions and so many flags for different individuals and groups in the LGBTQ community. I wrote down all of the notes from Chapters 1-11, the notes for Gender studies are for everyone, and the LGBT Issues Notes. During the time of writing down these notes, I was able to soak in the information and see where others are coming from.

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What I have learned about diversity and multicultural education
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Assumptions of learning in this course

        Honestly, coming into this course, I did not have any expectations of what was going to occur or understand the meaning of affirming diversity. I have to say that this course has really helped me to take the time to research and investigate before making assumptions or judgments about individuals or any group of people. I know that I do not like people making assumptions of me when they have not met me or know me, so I know that I must treat others the way I want to be treated. I have enjoyed the discussion boards in that I got to see different viewpoints that I would not have otherwise thought of myself. Sometimes I can be so narrow minded that I do not think of both sides of the coin, because I am so focused on the one side. Just as in a court case, yes there is a case being brought up, but you have to hear both cases for and against the matter being brought forth. I enjoyed the critical feedback from others in that it helped me to word things differently, think outside the box, and see things from a different perspective.

Most enjoyable and least enjoyable lessons

        I have to say that my most enjoyable assignment that I completed in this course was the Week One Assignment. This was when we were supposed to practice as if we were delivering a speech to the United Nations over an individual of color, a woman, or someone from an underrepresented group. I just thought it was exciting getting to research an individual, I chose Marie Curie, and getting the opportunity to share the accomplishments of such an amazing woman with the world.

       My least enjoyable assignment that I completed in this course was the Week Two Assignment. This assignment required us to depict a gubernatorial candidate and create an affirmative action campaign flier, a 30-second video or any form of media that would get out point across. I assumed it would be an easy assignment, but I failed to meet the requirements that were asked and it just really frustrating to me. I will say that the good thing about this assignment was that I know that I have room for improvement and learned a great deal from my errors.

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