What evidence is there that multiculturalism has failed. 

 What evidence is there that multiculturalism has failed. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Add to that the very sensitive and highly volatile issue of race and racism and we have the perfect recipe for trouble. And these differences need to be resolved if not reconciled in order for us to move together towards progress, peace and prosperity.

This paper shall look into the concept of multiculturalism and how the citizens of the United Kingdom responded to this government policy. Moreover, it shall present evidence in support of the position that Multiculturalism has failed in the UK.

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What evidence is there that multiculturalism has failed. 
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Multiculturalism is defined differently depending on where one stands on the side of the fence. On the one hand, for those inside the enclave, it means freedom to practice the culture and traditions that they were born into. It means respect for racial differences and tolerance of one’s cultural idiosyncrasies. To immigrants, multiculturalism is a huge welcome banner hung across the London Bridge, hailing newcomers to feel at home – as if they had never left their homelands.

On the other hand, for those outside the enclave, it means living with the rest of the world at their front yard. It means being patient with what seems to be odd if not repugnant cultural practices of other races and cultures. It means sitting in a restaurant with a burka-clad woman on the left and another on the right with the skimpiest of a mini-dress. It means a daughter asking her parents why she can’t have a boyfriend yet when her classmate is being married off the following week.

In a nutshell, multiculturalism is a school of thought that believes that people of different cultures and traditions can harmoniously co-exist, side by side, without one devouring or obliterating the other. It stems from the concept of respecting and upholding human rights, “[m]ulticulturalism is part of a larger human-rights revolution involving ethnic and racial diversity”.

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