What does it mean to study management critically.

This context entails a critical and argumentative approach to the management concepts, issues of malpractices, organizations’ strangers, ethics, and the relationship of such practices to the business environmental forces.

Arguments are the management comprises of human beings and often fallout of favor among themselves. Whenever this occurs, the organizations shall be in a conflicting state and shall eventually underperform in delivering the desired production capacity (Mintzberg, 2004:12). I critically analyzed the aspect on management of conflicts and articulation to the personal group and team relations in the organizations. Scholars implement studies that depict on the extent at which laxity in the management courses danger to the entire organization as the factor of production are interrupted thus production turns out poorly or halts completely. Critics are that the management remains an integral part in ensuring the continuity of every organization and any slight indifference may severe dominating and persisting factors to collapse the organization entirely (Clegg, and Kornbegger, 2006:14).

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What does it mean to study management critically.
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The critical study of managers derives importance as a basis for speculating the improvement criteria from different managerial programs in assessing and forecasting on the future. The critical approach to the management practices and concepts further seeks to establish those specific areas where the managers’ practices deviate from propulsion to stagnation of operations. The scholars further establish critical management approach as of salient importance in acquainting managers with skills and knowledge to predict on the unexpected consequences that would possibly emanate from a prevailing behavior and would harm the environment entirely.

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