What are the key differences between the two major political parties Democratic Party vs Republican Party.

Need help with my writing homework on What are the key differences between the two major political parties Democratic Party vs Republican Party. Write a 750 word paper answering; Even though the issues affecting Americans have been recognized by the leadership of the two parties, it is the way to tackle such issues that has created two distinct categories of leadership styles all these years. This paper will closely examine the two parties’ policy approaches in the history of American democracy and find out the major differences that the said parties exhibit through the leaders they have often elected. The paper will try to establish if the two parties have influenced the way a democratic or a republican party elected presidential candidate is bound to approach the implementation of certain issues of public interest or even act on matters that face the country during their reign.

There are quite a few of ideological differences based on the Republicans’ and the Democrats’ policies. Such differences were recently cited to have polarized the nation in the recently concluded elections in the United States that saw president Obama clinch a second term in office. To begin, the democrats have in a way tried to create a favorable environment for economic expansion, expanding individual opportunity and assisting the poor so that it has reduced the gap between the rich, the middle income earners, and the poor. The Republicans, however, believe that by the government creating a conducive environment or benefits, so to speak, only help in creating ‘a nation of takers’ (Harwood, 2013). This brings out the Republicans as those interested in making the richer become richer while the middle class and lower class citizens continue to find their path to economic empowerment. If this fact is anything to go by, then this might explain the incumbent presidents “coalition” that made his re-election possible. It is mostly the low income earners and the youth who formed a formidable force that propelled the presidents’ efforts for a second term in the White House. Steinhauer (2013) further elaborates this and states that due to subsequent victories by the Democrats for the presidential race that has been largely sparked by the voting pattern influenced by the rich Hispanic votes in favor of the Democrats, the Republicans have attempted to formulate a plan. For instance, they were pushing immigrants to immigrate to the U.S. or reside permanently if their stay was illegal. The Democrats, on the other hand, have discouraged immigration due to pressure on the existing resources. This push might be unrealistic but is a good indicator of the approaches the Republican Party has taken in reaction for the response such voters have always given to their initial policy stance (Fried, 2008). They have been known to push for strict measures like deportation and use of electric fences and even use of excessive force to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. The economy has been a major battle front for the two parties. It is evident that the two parties have approached spending, for instance, in a different way. Many have cited that the Democrats have often struggled to repair a broken economy inherited from their Republican counterparts who have promoted massive spending, especially on the military.

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What are the key differences between the two major political parties Democratic Party vs Republican Party.
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