Whales Facing Extinction.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Whales Facing Extinction. The various measures that have been made both at the national level and international level will also be considered, and recommendations will be put forward to help stop the trend (Perrin, Bernd, & Thewissen, 2008).

Reasons why they are facing extinction

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Whales Facing Extinction.
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Various reasons are causing this trend toward extinction. The significant causes of whale extinction are the activities that take place in the sea. People go whaling to get meat. The whales are said to be delicious, and therefore so many people want the heart. On the other hand, the root is also expensive because of the scarcity of the whales. Tourist hotels are said to pay highly for this meat and therefore encourage people to go out looking for the whales. The absence creates a massive demand for the heart, which is bought immediately, the Whale is caught. This is the most significant cause of whale extinction (WWF-Australia, n.d).

The second cause of whale extinction is hunting whales for oil. Historically whale oil had a variety of uses. It was used as lamp fuel and also for the production of soap. This oil was treated with Sulphur to provide high-pressure lubricants that were used to run machinery. Apart from that, whale oil was used in the manufacture of rough cloth, varnish, linoleum and leather. Whale oil has continued to be of use even in the first half of the twentieth century where it was hardened into fat used for margarine. During world one and two whale oil was used to manufacture nitroglycerin for explosives. During the 1960s Whale liver oil was an essential source of vitamin D. At the moment most of the products that were made from whale oil are being made from petroleum and therefore reducing the rate at which the whales were being hunted. On the other hand, conservation efforts by international organizations and laws have stopped this hunting for whales (Tønnessen & Johnsen, 1982).

The third cause of whale extinction is habitat deterioration coupled with climate change. The effects of climate change are vast, and the sea has not been spared either of its products. The waters have continued retreating and therefore reducing the land occupied by the whales. On the other hand, temperatures continue to rise, and this causes them to seek alternative places within the sea where they can live and breed.&nbsp.

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