Wesley Clark. 

Write 6 pages with APA style on 2008 presidential candidate: Wesley Clark. served as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe, commanded Operation allied Force in Kosovo war, and recipient of several knighthoods, medals, honours and accolades. He joined the race for 2004 Presidential nominations from Democratic Party, only to withdraw later from the race and campaigned for John Kerry. Clark is considered as a potential candidate for the 2008 Presidential race. He had been vaguely controversial at times and in one such incident what he called as “first experience in the rough and tumble of high visibility ….and a painful few days1” when President Bill Clinton had to send a letter to Congress backing Clark’s action, rather unapproved, of meeting Bosnian military leaders including Ratco Mladic, who was accused of genocide and war crimes later. His early retirement from NATO has remained controversial.

His short campaign was mainly on issues like patriotism, leadership showing the way, but remained sketchy on policy matters though there were mentions of tax relief and knee jerk policy proposals. It was not surprising considering that he came into Democratic Party only in 2003 and this apparent weakness did not help his campaign.

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Clark had been a very strong critic of Iraq war and always reiterated that it has no connection with the war on terror. His testimony before House Armed Services Committee (HASC) was full of warnings that Bush administration did not have any clear policy about Iraq’s future after the fall of Saddam, or had any strategy after the unplanned occupation of Iraq. He reiterated that Bush administration is being plagued by the non-existence of a strategically far reaching foreign policy and how costs and loss of face had been unbelievable while the consequences were negatively ever-lasting.

After endorsing Kerry, he made frequent appearances on fundraising TV events and spoke against Bush administration and its adverse effects.

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