Welfare/Social Policy. 

 Discussion Board Posting There have been many strategies attempted by federal and organizations intended to aid in the issue of American poverty. These programs generally target aid at those individuals in society that are unable to work, due to age or health conditions. from Welfare programs and the Social Security program that do their best to contribute to ending poverty as well as they can. Also, the training programs offered in association with these programs aim to help people who have the potential to work and gain new skills to help to better take care of themselves. which is hugely beneficial. Medical and other, via through individual state and federal funding, healthcare programs targeted to aid in providing treatment for those who could not otherwise afford to receive it. It is a valiant effort that is made.

However, with all due respect to these programs, the idea of ending poverty all together is unrealistic. We live in a day and age where money is the dominating and inescapable force in everyone’s life. As long as there are “haves” there will always be “have nots” The situation is even worse today where unemployment is leaving perfectly healthy and able citizens from achieving steady, self sustaining employment. Unfortunately, in the end, it is my opinion that despite all of these efforts and all the efforts that will be made in the future, even with the best of intentions, may find ways to succeed in stemming the tide of poverty. But they, sadly. will never achieve the greater goal of eliminating it all together.

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Welfare/Social Policy. 
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Discussion Board Response

After reading your posting I have to say that I agree with you completely that Johnson’s goal of eliminating poverty entirely is not possible. In your posting you highlighted the three groups of people that are most often struck by poverty. The elderly, the very young, and the disabled, do suffer a lot from their inability to care for themselves monetarily. However, you left out another group that is currently struggling these days. Those people who have lost their jobs and because of the current unemployment crisis have been unable to find stable employment. These are people who do not fit into the categories discussed earlier. They are willing, able, perfectly fit, and capable individuals who simply cannot find what they need to provide for their families. Unemployment Insurance may act as a temporary relief, but once those benefits are exhausted the recipients now may face dire straits. Despite the current issues we face currently, I do think that it is possible to lower poverty rates and improve the situation. However, as I stated, in my posting, as long as we live in a “have” and “have not” society the likelihood that there will be a change extreme enough to eradicate poverty all together is unrealistic to imagine.

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