Welcome to your goal project.

This project assesses your ability to write a  SMART goal. It also assess your personal values that help keep you  motivated. And it let’s me see that you understand how having a Growth  Mindset can help you overcome obstacles and setback.  

This assignment will give you the opportunity to set a goal, just one  goal. The goal can be a career, academic or personal goal. It needs to  be something you really want to do in the next couple of years. You will  also articulate your values and develop a Your Personal Motivational Saying  that will help keep you focused. Finally you will explain how a Growth  Mindset will help you cope and manage any barriers to success you may  encounter. 

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Welcome to your goal project.
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Assignment Directions: The  format of the assignment is up to you. It can be in paragraph or outline  form, or it can be presented in a PowerPoint (That is my favorite),  Prezi or another format of your choice. Creativity Counts!

Consider our discussions and readings regarding goals, motivation, values and growth mindset in completing this project. Please type your responses and make sure to address all parts of each question. Responding to the entire question will help you develop your Your Personal Motivational Saying and get full credit.

Your Goal Project should address all of the questions/topics listed below.

Your Goal

  1. Write a SMART goal. Make sure that your goal statement is SMART.  Make sure the goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and  timely. Remember if there is not number in your goal you will not be  able to measure it. 
  2. Make sure to include the following: 
    • Specific – State your goal clearly and in one sentence.
    • Measurable – Explain how your goal is will be measured on a daily or weekly basis so you know you are on track.
    • Achievable – What specific behaviors are you going to do to do each day to get to your goal.  List at least 3. 
    • Realistic – How motivated are you?  And how are you going to keep  yourself motivated? Think back to the “My Why” paper your wrote. 
    • Timely – What is your deadline? 


  • What are your top three (3) values that are supporting this goal you  have set? Explain why these values are important to you. How do these  values keep you motivated in working toward this goal?
  • Are you living your core values? For example, if health is important  to you, and you eat eight slices of pizza, drink two cans of soda, and  watch five straight hours of television, then you are not living true to  your values. There’s a gap between what you value and your behavior.  How can knowing your values help you stay on course?
  • Think about how you spend your time. What is an example of something you do that fulfills one of your core values?

Your Personal Motivational Saying

  • Find a saying that will inspire you and keep you motivated. You can  use one you find or you can make it up. Some people refer to this saying  as a motto or mantra. 
  • Your Personal Motivational Saying is an affirmation to motivate and inspire you. The purpose is to provide motivation and encouragement to you when you need to focus your mind to achieve your  goal.  Think of this as your favorite inspirational saying that keeps  you going. It should be easy to memorize and repeat. Athletes use this  technique all the time.  
  • Your Your Personal Motivational Saying  will help you stay connected to your “WHY” which is the heart of your motivation.
  • How will you use your Your Personal Motivational Saying   for inspiration and for retraining your thoughts so you can focus on  what is important to you? Where will you put it so you can see it on a  daily basis? 

Growth Mindset

  • Obstacles and setback happen. A cultivating a Growth Mindset helps you overcome these setbacks. 
  • What are the characteristics of a Growth Mindset and how can this mindset help you cope when the going gets rough?
  • What are your barriers or challenges when it comes to this goal?
  • What is your plan for overcoming these obstacles. Think of setbacks  you have had previously with the above goal. What are you going to do to  change the outcome this time?  Remember that Fail stands for first  attempt in learning. ANY failure you have teaches you, and if you have a  growth mindset you are willing to learn from your mistakes. 

I look forward to seeing your goal project!! 

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