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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the wedding banquet Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The wedding banquet is the first attempt by Ang lee to discuss gay relationships through a movie. Interestingly, Lee also makes an appearance in the movies as a guest attending the wedding.

The movie is an intense comedy in the first half, and then it reveals the complexities of the relationship burdened on each other. The character Winston Chao, and Simon his lover were living a convenient lifestyle until his parents demand marriage in an expectation of an offspring. This movie displays very intense emotional sequences as well as riotously funny movements every audience will expect in a movie. The movie is the debut of actor Winston Chao does not depict any flaws or chinks in his acting skill. “The Wedding Banquet never becomes bogged down by its own seriousness. Lee manages to keep the production buoyant by including scenes that are often riotously funny” (Berardinelli.1993). Interestingly, in this movie, all the characters possess their own unique worthiness, which gives the audience a splendid visual treat.

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wedding banquet Paper
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The plot of the movie is the life of a Taiwanese immigrant Winston Chao who is gay. He is in a stable relationship with an American man Simon, and defers his parents about his sexuality and agrees to marry Wei – Wei a Chinese woman. This Chinese woman is his tenant who is desperate to earn a green card, as she is facing immediate deportation charges. The parents of Winston Chao are expecting grandchild and want their son to lead a normal marriage life like others. Everything works out simple until the parents of Winston arrives in the US to plan his wedding banquet The movie in the initial stage looks like a full-blown comedy but later comes out different when the perception of the sexual and cultural choices of the young generation is portrayed dominantly.

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