Website Design Proposal

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Website Design Proposal. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. All the aforementioned design-related terminologies all aim at achieving a product that passes the heuristic evaluation. The most important aspect of the design is achieving a product that gives the user a unique experience and attracts web traffic.

The Maharajas website has been built to impress. The choice color is unique and it communicates the idea of dining and exquisite cuisine. As I browsed the Maharajas Restaurant website, I noticed a clear set of menu items that were well labeled. There was the presence of site attractors scattered at the bottom with newsletter heads, social bookmarks, etc. the clear logo accompanied by name on the header part of the website. In addition, I liked the simple design where the webpage has been centered and it is designed with consistent colors. These colors give harmony and the required contrast to the website, highlighting the important information that should be made visible to the user first. The Maharajas website provides information using well available hyperlinks. The links are well structured and arranged and contain internal and external lines.

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Website Design Proposal
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The Guru Balti website has been designed following a simple principle of “don’t make me think”. It takes an approach to the presentation of information by focusing on the important information on the Indian menus and recipes. I liked the additional features, for instance, room reservation and also client management.

I came across a few things that interested me on this website. To begin with, the level of usability of this website is high and at a glance, it provides a lot of useful information to the browser. The information on the site is very valuable and serves the purpose of the user and all that is needed from Indian cuisines. A browser will find additional links and profiles of experts on nutrition and dieting. This gives the assurance to the user browsing the site that the cuisine is provided.

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