The site provides a copy of the actual investigation details including the investigation form, which lists the violations by Blue Bell. This is amazing because it will teach manufacturers to be socially responsible and it will show the consumers that the government is doing its job to promote the welfare of the people.

CDC is a reliable site that offers research-based and investigative articles that may be used for academic and business research. Unlike other sites that offer data, CDC can be relied upon most because the statistics are based on government findings. The site is also very easy to use and understand even by young learners. Nevertheless, it can be improved by designing short quizzes or games, trivia, and other applications that are attractive to young users.

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The site offers a lot of information about the roles of NIDA. In particular, the site leads users to the clinical trial site, which encourages people to participate in the government’s research on abuse (drugs, alcohol, cigarette, etc.). This is amazing as it shows the studies that they are currently working on and those where they are recruiting participants.

The site provides research-based publication that can be very helpful to researchers and students who need to find credible sources on drug abuse studies. Although most of the articles were published in the past years, they provide very important and reliable information.

The site is privately owned, founded by the American Academy of Pediatricians. Authors are therefore from the said organization. The aim of the site is to provide information for parents and other users who need

The site is supported by some of the biggest companies such as Coca Cola Bottlers, Gerber, Kellogg and Lysol. The homepage does not show the sponsors of the site. In fact, there is a separate page that lists all the sponsors. 

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