Wearable Devices in Healthcare.

Complete 14 pages APA formatted article: Wearable Devices in Healthcare. Analytic powers-smart phones and other gadgets used for entertainment, business and commercial purposes are only one side of this revolution. As humans have become increasingly dependent on and familiar with the computing powers of these sophisticated devices, the use of smart technology for assisting in healthcare diagnosis and healthcare provision seems to be the next logical step.

The convergence of increasing computing power, personalization, and&nbsp.mobility&nbsp.are driving future trends in information technologies (Patrick et al, 2009). People have become increasingly comfortable with using wearable devices that are embedded with IT enhanced capabilities for their entertainment, leisure and professional activities. An IDC report stated that it is expected that consumers and businesses will purchase nearly 112 million wearable computer devices by 2018 a 78.4% growth rate from the predicted sales for 2014 (Heneghan, 2014). Given the close proximity of these devices to their owners and the continuous use pattern that has developed for the average user, it is not a stretch of the imagination to conceive of these wearable devices for healthcare monitoring and support especially for maladies that already require constant and remote reporting.

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Both the academic and commercial industry has undertaken efforts in recent years to closely study the use of smart wearable systems (SWS) for health monitoring (HM).&nbsp.The following literature review will attempt to collate existing data about the trend, its future possibilities as well as the challenges the medical sector will face in trying to adopt these wearable systems for effective and efficient patient care.

Most of the research on wearable technology and healthcare has focused on the evolution of pervasive computing along with the spread and accessibility of miniaturized and sophisticated mobile or embedded information and communication technologies (ICT

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