This goal is achieved fairly well. What results is a society that is aligned to the needs of the government and large corporations. The harm however to individuals and the society as a whole is just as prominent. He further implies that the society has been duped to accept that obligatory government run schooling is necessary.

He refutes the notion vastly instilled on people that success only emerges from schooling. He reminds us of various people that have actually gained success without formal schooling. Lincoln for one became president with just a fourth grade education. I for one can think of a dozen of examples of students that have accomplished a lot without having a formalized education. He draws a parallel that many learn computing without much professional help where one learns by just curiosity (Gatto, 60). It is a learning experience where skill emerges.

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Gatto firmly argues that the use of grades and tests scores as measure of quality as has been continuously integrated in our minds is very wrong. Education he says does not give you the education you need to defend yourself in the world, only the person can give himself that. On the same note, he still contends to the importance of going to high school and college but it does not necessarily give one the key to progress. He says that the system will fashion you in a way you will think you self devised but the fact remains you are slave of the system. Education does not give you the skills to think for yourself.

Gatto asserts that the notion that education is compulsory has darker and deeper rooting. He quotes from professor Arthur Calhoun’s book, ‘social history of the family. a sociological philosophy of education’ and William Kirkpatrick’s ‘ education and social crisis’ to further reflect the advance of a scientific control in the world’s population using education as a tool.

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