Watch Star Trek Voyager, “Distant Origins” (Season 3, episode 23). It is available on Netflix

2 pages due within 48 hours

that is a critique essay

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Watch Star Trek Voyager, “Distant Origins” (Season 3, episode 23). It is available on Netflix
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Watch Star Trek Voyager, “Distant Origins” (Season 3, episode 23). It is available on Netflix and I’m sure other places. 

After you watch it, write a short critique.

Below are some notes to explain a few things:

Star Trek is a science fiction entertainment franchise involving several movies and television series. They are all set in the relatively near future and are about humanity’s exploration of the galaxy. People encounter various intelligent races from other planets. One series, Voyager, is about a spaceship that is whisked to the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy, 70,000 light years from Earth in the year 2371. The basic story line is the adventures they have on their trip home, a trip which would take 75 years at maximum speed.  The crew of Voyager constantly attempts to find ways to shorten the journey. In this episode, “Distant Origin,” (Season 3, Episode 23, 1997), the crew encounters a mysterious race, the Voth, a reptilian species that has an interesting history and connection to humanity.

Important members of the crew include:

Captain Kathryn Janeway: Human, captain of the ship

Commander Chakotay: Human, former rebel fighter, first officer

Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres: Human-Klingon, former rebel fighter, chief engineer

Lieutenant Tuvok: Human-Vulcan, second officer

Ensign Harry Kim: Human, operations manager

Lieutenant Tom Paris: Human, former rebel fighter, flight controller, medical assistant

Kes: Ocampa, a telepathic race, field medic

Neelix: Talaxian, morale officer, chef

The Doctor: Hologram (3D computer program)


Important Voth:

Forra Gegen: Paleontologist

Tova Veer: Gegen’s  assistant

Haluk; Security advisor

Minister Odala: Head of Ministry of Ethics


Alpha Quadrant: the part of the galaxy Earth is located

Delta Quadrant: the most distant part of the galaxy

Doctrine: belief system (religion)

The Federation: the United Federation of Planets. Earth is a member. (like a UN of space)

Light year: the distance light travels in one year, about 9,000,000,000,000 km

Paleontologist: Scientist who studies fossils

Transporter: Device for sending people and things quickly

Warp Speed: Travel at faster than light speed

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