Vladimir Jabotinsky. 

 His reason for moving was to study law. While he was staying in these countries, he became a correspondent of several popular Russian newspapers. This can be said to be the commencement of his vocation as a journalist. The reports he wrote were widely read across the entire Russian country. This led to him becoming a very popular and recognizable figure among the elite class of Russian journalists. He even acquired a pseudonym which he used to sign his entire article. The name he used was ‘Altalena’(Nakhimovsky, 2). He was a critique of systems from a very tender age. At one point in his early life he wrote an article criticizing the grading system. He also went on to publish the article in a newspaper while he was only fourteen years of age Early in the twentieth century, there was occurred a pogrom against the Jews of Kishinev. The Jews in this region were massacred in a horrific episode by the Russian authorities in 1903. This made Jabotinsky to begin Zionist activities in this region (Schechtman, 22). He organized and mobilized self defense units. These units were aiming at fighting for the rights of the Jewish minority in Russia. They wanted to ensure that the Jewish community was treated as other citizens in Russia. This fight for rights earned Jabotinsky election to the Zionist congress as a delegate. The leader of this movement is said to have immensely impressed Jabotinsky with his fluency of the Hebrew language. This led to him seeking to further master the Hebrew language. This mastery later enhanced his translation skills as he spoke six other languages and several Slavic dialects. While at the congress he engaged in the duties of spreading the Jewish language into the wider areas of Russia. He wanted to ensure that all the Jews living in Russia at the time were in a position to speak their native language. His main target was the young generation of Jews comprising mainly of youths. In 1914, the First World War broke out. As a result of the war he left Russia as a newspaper correspondent. His journey took him to Egypt. While he was in Egypt, he met another Jewish man called Joseph Trumpeldor. Together they fought and helped form the Jewish Legion. They believed that through the participation of the Jews in the war for the liberation of Israel, they would be in a position to demand something having been parties to the course. The British government did not support the idea but they pressed on and they were later allowed to participate. When this organization of volunteer fighters was formed, Jabotinsky served in it as lieutenant. They were involved in fighting for Israel to be freed from Turkish rule. The many activities which they engaged in during this time did not impress the British mandatory Government. This government handed a sentence of 15 years of hard labour. Jabotinsky, however, did not stay long in the British prison. There was a public outcry concerning the sentence among the Jewish community. He was given amnesty and therefore released from prison immediately. From 1921 he became a member of the Zionist executive but his ideas were different from those of the other members. After several disagreements about the direction of the movement Jabotinsky quit to go and establish the union of Zionist revisionists. The goal of this new movement was to fight for the creation of an independent Jewish state.

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