Viewer Identification with Television Characters.

The reason I identified with his character before was because of his boyish charm that made him irresistible to all women, except Kate Beckett who seems to be immune to his charms. If I ever become a millionaire, I would want to be the gentleman millionaire that he is. He treats the women right and in exchange, the women treat him like a god as well.

Just like Richard Castle, I too am a very loyal friend who is always there when any of them need my help. We are similar in the way that we treat our friends, more like family than some strangers whom I just met and have to find something in common with. We both exude this sense of familiarity that makes it easy for other people to get along with us even though we just met them. That is not hard to understand. After all, we both tend to bend over backwards for people just to make sure that we are liked.

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Viewer Identification with Television Characters.
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Castle was raised by a single mother just as I was. We both respect and and love our mothers to the extent that we would give our respective mothers the shirts off our backs if she asked us to. That is the kind of gratitude that Richard Castle displays for his mother. Even though he sometimes acts like he is just putting up with his mothers presence (name any man who does not pretend that at one time or another with his mom), the reality of their situation is that he loves her deeply and would never want to see her hurt in any way by any person.

We all know that men are constantly looking for their partner in life. Sometimes, men get married because they have found the one for them. That is what Richard Castle did at one point in his life. The result was a an intelligent daughter named Alexis who was left in his custody after he divorced his first wife. His relationship with Alexis is the kind that I would want to have with any son or daughter of mine should I ever get married and find myself divorced, or even if I dont end up divorced.

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