v Product: Membership of Rainbow Fitness (fictional)

v Summary:

Rainbow Fitness Membership is not only a access to Rainbow Fitness, to take exercise in Fitness, but also includes relevant services, which offer a wide range of fitness venues, advanced fitness equipment, excellent fitness courses, more prominently is the supporting exclusive APP software tracking support and professional treatment of body management and injury management, ensuring that customers have a worry-free comprehensive physical exercise plan.

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v Product: Membership of Rainbow Fitness (fictional)
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v Target Customers:

All-range age & mid-class and high-class customers

v Unique Selling Proposition:

One membership, all-purpose exercise

v Pricing and positioning strategy:

Membership $888/year

v Distribution Strategy

Online marketing and offline marketing

v Promotion Strategy

Free first month for new members

Refer award: free one month for both

10% discount for renewal

v Contingency Plans

Force Majeure Close

Accidental Injury

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