“Utilization of Health Care Services” Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the factors that drive people to seek health care and determine which have the biggest impact on you. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  • Assess your own demand for health care over the last five years and determine if that demand has gone up or down as well as the factors (as discussed in Chapter 4) that contributed to that rise or fall.

This is another classmates answer to this discusion question, I dont have a book for this class 

(      Hello Professor and Class. Many people seek health care information to enable them make better choices on their health and find better means to get good medical treatment on their health that would have them to pay an affordable fees on their health care. That would have an impact on me, because everyone wants to live a healthy live style as such, need to make a better choice on health care. For instance, would be accessing health care information about facility would be better for treating your illness. Moreover, patient information has being exchange by health care facilities about similar health problem that have been treated by one facilities would be share to other health care facilities. Good example of this system is the health care information system, where patient information can be access by the doctor for a particular treatment that has being taking by the patient.

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“Utilization of Health Care Services” Please respond to the following:
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     To access health care demand over the last five years, health care demand has increase immensely over the last five years due to the rapid increase of sickness on the population. Sickness like Cancer, debates, high blood pressure and other diseases that is affecting the population and has the propensity when not treated could cause death. Because of this reasons health care demand has risen constantly over the last five years. Many people cares for their health and will want a better health care facilities where they will be treated in accordance to what is happening to them. The more the increase of diseases the more the demand for a health care would be demanded. )

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